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icon cheCommunism did not start with Karl Marx, or with the Russian Revolution of 1917 - communist ideas dates back to the Middle Ages and beyond. Since 1920 the Communist Party in Britain has continued that living, revolutionary tradition. Our roots lie deep in Britain's trade unions, socialist societies and in other working class organisations.

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Britain's Road to Socialism - a Program for Revolutionary Change

icon hammer sickle star"Socialism is the only form of society that offers the potential for solving humanity's problems in conditions of individual and collective freedom.

Because the working class has the most direct and immediate interest in putting an end to capitalism and replacing it with a socialist society, its own class interest also represents the interests of society as a whole.
In Britain, the potential exists to pursue an alternative economic and political strategy that challenges and ultimately defeats the ruling class."

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The Young Communist League - for a New Generation of Marxists!

icon cheThe Young Communist League (YCL) can trace its roots back to 1921, when it was set up as the youth wing of the Communist Party. The YCL is a member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).

The YCL seeks a revolutionary transformation of society, an end to poverty, unemployment, exploitation and oppression and therefore and end to capitalism.

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